Preston Bus Station Car Park – It Lives

Every month or so, I remember about the bus station car park, and I google it with fear, dreading seeing pictures of piles of rubble.

The bus station has concrete cancer, and there are plans to demolish it. Thankfully, the developer is not able to proceed in the recession, and the bus station lives on for the moment, with a sword hanging over its head.

In the 90s I used to work in an office block overlooking the car park. “Isn’t it beautiful”, I often said to my long suffering colleagues, who looked at me as if I was a mad woman. “One of the most beautiful buildings in the UK!”. “Eh?!!!!”, they would say, shaking their heads and walking away quickly in case it was contagious.

Jonathan Glancey describes it in The Guardian as a “Baroque Cathedral for Buses”.

I feel smug.

I can sense a pilgrimage down the M6 coming on soon.


(pictures are not mine, but are from Wikipedia Commons, thanks Wiki)

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