Linburn Centre

The Linburn Centre, near to Edinburgh is a day centre for the blind, where war veterans learn skills and socialise.
The shape of the building  was inspired by a carving of a Celestial Chinese dragon which is found in the hallway. The carving was given by the Fanlingerers, a charitable golf organisation founded in St Andrews in 1951. The Fanlingerers had happy memories of the Royal Hong Kong Golf Club. They raised large amounts of money for Linburn.

I like the large roof overhang which gives shade from the sun, or shelter from the rain, whilst still feeling enclosed by the building.

Inside the decor is underwhelming, until you realise something : everything is designed in deep contrast. Look at the black edges of the white table, the black tiles, the red and black against white….. it is all designed to be seen by people with little sight. Once you notice that, you appreciate that the decor is very good indeed.


One of the skills learned at Linburn is IT. Look at the high contrast on the keyboard – it’s genius.

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